Slot machines have always been basics of the casino industry, and the familiar sounds of ringing and coins falling are all too familiar for anyone who has ever visited a casino. The slot machines highlight the tons of casino movies, they are the stars of Vegas, and they are found in every casino room, online or land-based.

It might seem that technology has killed the slot machine as the conventional three-reel fruit machines are no longer the only machines available, but this is far from true. Indeed, the rise of technology has enlivened the game of slots, and these popular games can be enjoyed on all sorts of media, from home-based computer online casinos, to smart phone and tablet devices. Furthermore, the type of slot games available has also expanded, and players can now choose from a range of games.

Indeed, it is of little surprise then that iPad video poker, a form of the popular game, is also tremendously popular.

The History of iPad Video Poker

Video poker first came to the forefront in the 1970s and 80s, and was popularly seen as an easier game to play than the somewhat more rule-bound card, dice, and chip games.

Traditional video poker combined the simplicity of the basic slot machine with conventional five-card poker games, and players could opt to play the game by simply inserting coins and then pressing the ‘deal’ button.  The player is then dealt five initial virtual cards, which can be kept or discarded as desired. If the end hand matches one of the winning combinations, then the player will have won and the machine will pay out the hand. In general, a pair of jacks is the minimum a player must hit, and all other combinations match traditional table poker.

Moving to the iPad

Given the very virtual nature of video poker, it is fully understandable that it is well adapted to be played on iPad devices. Indeed, playing online casino games on smart phone and tablet devices has become increasingly popular, and iPad video poker is certainly among the favourite games.

In iPad video poker, players access a screen on their device that is similar to the traditional screen in land-based video poker machines.  Instead of inserting coins and pushing the ‘deal’ button, these actions now happen virtually, and given the touch screen nature of the iPad, players can simply select the appropriate buttons regarding the coins to be placed and the instruction to deal and then click directly on the screen. The game will then provide the cards from the virtual deck, just as in traditional video poker, and play will continue as regular.

The benefit of playing iPad video poker over the games in land-based casinos is that players will have needed to sign up and register with an online casino in order to play. This means that players can access the iPad video poker game from the same portal as other games, making hopping between games enormously convenient. Also, withdrawing and depositing funds is easy and accessible through the online portal.

In these ways, the iPad has taken the joys of traditional video poker and combined them with technological benefits of a state-of-the-art tablet. Enjoy Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and other popular video poker games on the go and discover a game that’s as exciting as slots and as immersive as poker, all in one, on the go!