Online betting sites increased the number of banking methods they accepted, the debit card quickly became the most popular form of payment. It is not difficult to see why, as debit cards are extremely easy and safe to use. Almost every casino and bookmaker site online accepts debit cards as a method of depositing funds, with little to no fee charges when transfers are completed. Debit cards can be used to both send and receive money freely from betting accounts, and many consider it the safest way to handle money online.

What Is A Debit Card?

A debit card is a payment card that gives holders of the card direct access to the account that the card is linked with. This replaces the need for handling cash, while also allowing the holder to transfer money online at an international level. Debit cards have replaced many of the types of cards that were once popular, such as charge cards and cheques, and are much more commonly used than credit cards. As long as there are funds in the account, or some type of overdraft, all deposits are made instantly and free of charge.

Types of Debit Card

While there are many banks and financial institutions that offer debit card services, by far the most popular of them all is Visa Debit, Maestro, and Visa Electronic. These companies provide the card service which is then linked to a bank account, and bettors looking for a new betting site to deposit money in to will find that Visa is almost always accepted.

Safe banking

Debit Card Security

Using real money in a safe environment online is vitally important when using a betting site, and this is one of the reasons the debit card has become the go-to form of payment. Modern debit cards are extremely safe to use, requiring that holders of that card enter in special codes and verifications before money is processed. The CCV is a code that is found on the back of most debit cards, and acts as a security measure proving that the person using the card is in actual possession of the card at the time. All debit cards are linked to bank accounts that themselves need to be registered to the user, which includes the billing address, as well as other personal information, meaning that the card is uniquely linked to that holder and no one else. The CCV is used above the normal pin linked to the card.

Many banks will also follow certain trends with their holders and the way they receive and send money. If the holder spends only a certain amount every month, and all of a sudden that changes, the bank will notify the holder of the account to ensure that the account has not been infiltrated in some way.

Betting With Debit Cards

Using a debit card to make bets is one of the simplest ways available. Bettors will need to start an account with the site of their choice, which often includes personal and financial information. Next, choosing the debit card as the method of banking, and adding the card’s information to the site will allow bettors to move funds to and from the site freely and easily.