Poker is one of the most loved and well-known casino card games. It is seen as both a sophisticated and a grungy game, and, in many stories and adventures, the good and exciting stuff happens due to a winning or losing hand in a poker game.

Given the appeal of this popular game, it is little wonder that it has grown over the years, expanded with the rise of online casinos, and has seen the development of a bunch of different poker offspring games all over.

A New Way to Play Poker

Online tequila poker is one of these newer variants of poker, which has been uniquely adapted to playing poker in online casinos. As such, the rules of the game have been amended to allow for the ease of access and play in the online world.

In a nutshell, online tequila poker is a combination of two loved casino card games, namely, poker and blackjack. The game has been designed for one-man play, making it perfectly suited to the online casino situation, where there is usually only the individual interacting with the digital software.

The Way of the Game

A game of online tequila poker begins with the player placing an ante, or initial, bet. The player is then dealt four cards from a pre-designated virtual deck, which are all placed face up so that the player can look at them. Once the player has studied the cards and decided on a next step of play, the player is left with three options. Firstly, if the cards are generally bad and hold no promise, the player can choose to fold and forego the ante bet. Otherwise, depending on the cards received, the player can choose to play regular tequila poker or to play high tequila poker.

If one of the latter options, tequila poker or high tequila, is chosen, the player will have to place an additional wager that must be equal to the ante bet. Then, the player will receive two further cards from the virtual deck, resulting in a total of six cards.

Depending on whether the player has chosen to play regular tequila poker or high tequila, a winning hand will be determined, but, regardless of which option is chosen, only the best five of the six cards will count towards the winning hand.

In regular tequila poker, a winning hand is determined by the same patterns as in regular poker, and the player must hold a pair of aces or higher.  In high tequila, the value of the cards is counted together, like in blackjack at Online Casino BC, and players must have a hand with a value of forty-six or higher to win.

As a rule of thumb, it is generally advised that players should opt to play regular tequila poker if the first four cards are promising and could make up a straight or a flush, but they should choose high tequila if the first four cards make up a total of twenty-eight or higher. If none of these are true, then the player is better off folding and starting a new round.

This offers players of online tequila poker some winning strategy in order to make the most of the game.