There are some casino games that are true classics, and have remained much the same for several hundred years, despite being optimised for the digital age.

Take a look at the classics that have the power to keep players coming back for more, eve after being around for what seems like an eternity!

Classic Reel Slots

The 3 reel, 1 payline classic reel slots have been around since the late 1800’s when car mechanic Charles Fey created the very first machine, the Liberty Bell. These games are still available online and offer simple, straightforward gameplay with non-stop fun and regular wins.

They are a great option for new players trying to find their feet, and slots purists will love them too. Classic slots usually feature traditional slots symbols like fruit, bars, bells and lucky number 7’s and have little to no bonus features to add to their authenticity.


A huge hit in Asia, Baccarat has also made its presence felt around the globe, and it is even touted as James Bond’s preferred casino game. The simple nature of this 15th Century card game is intriguing to all players, and as there are only 3 betting options available, there is very little learning of rules or strategy required. Bets are played on the Player or Banker, or Punto and Banco, and this is where the most common version of the game (Punto Banco) gets its name from.

Generally, only 1 hand is dealt to determine a winner, but a 3rd card may be dealt if required- and the dealer will know exactly when this is, so players don’t need to worry too much about figuring it out.


Bingo is a casino classic that can be found just about everywhere, from the classroom to old age homes. The game of Bingo has its roots in a fairground pastime and the set-up of the cards can be used for so many purposes, from teaching, to as an ice breaker in social situations. Initially the game was called Beano, but when a player accidentally shouted Bingo on landing a winning pattern, the name stuck. Bingo games for money or the free version still follows the same format no matter what they are played for, and this is what makes them a true classic.


If there is any game that deserves to be on this list, it has to be Roulette. The very first version of Roulette came about in the 18th century when Blaise Pascal tried to create a perpetual motion machine. Instead, he made the prototype of the Roulette wheel and it was used in the Italian game Biribi to create what we know today as Roulette.

Initially, Roulette was only played in the upper echelons of society, but once it made its way to America, it became far more accessible to the general public. To date, 3 main variations of the game are played, with the European, French and American options each offering slightly different rules and house edges.