Some of the casino games we enjoy on our smartphones, desktops, and tablets these days have been with us for hundreds of years.

The fact that players don’t need to go anywhere to spin the reels, bet on the next turn of the playing card, or wager on the outcome of a roll of dice has seen a surge in the popularity of some games. Does your favourite make our list?


The relatively low house-edge Blackjack offers and the advantage that a knowledge of Basic Strategy gives make this game a first-choice for millions.

All you need to do is get to a card-total of 21 more quickly than the dealer does, or get a higher total in your attempt, and the huge amount of variations means you’ll be able to find many new ways to have fun with the same basic principles in place when you play online blackjack games around the world.


Although players who prefer games of skill like Blackjack and Poker don’t hold dice games in very high esteem, millions differ in this opinion and they are generally Craps fans!

This enticing game of chance has a range of advantages, including lower bet minimums, and the huge variety of wagers you can make is sure to get your heart pumping.

Your goal is to predict the outcomes of the rolls or series of rolls of a pair of dice. The most commonly made stakes are the Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come, and Don’t Come, and although you will be able to hold your own just knowing about these four there are many others to explore.


Poker can be a tough game to learn in the real world but it’s easy to do when you’re offered the anonymity of online environments!

You can find a range of variations across an impressive number of online casinos these days, including Caribbean Stud, Casino Hold’em, Oasis Poker, and Texas Hold’em.


An iconic mainstay almost everywhere, the glamour and mystery of Roulette are still irresistible to players more than 300 years after its accidental invention by Blaise Pascal. Its immense popularity can be also be attributed in part to how simple gameplay is and the wide range of betting options it has available.

Video Poker

Video Poker gameplay is very similar to that of slots, with one key difference. Your decisions have an impact on the outcome, and it’s not just up to Lady Luck when it comes to what you’ll win.

If you use the proper Poker strategy at these machines you’ll do well, and they offer an exciting way to spend a couple of hours on your phone or computer.

Video Slots

Slots in all their variations comprise a large percentage of the games at online casinos, and this is no coincidence.

The demand for these titles is unprecedented and they are the most commonly chosen by most thanks largely to the fact that not only are they the easiest games to play, they also offer the chance for a pretty significant win for a small bet.