Slots games, have become one of the most popular kinds of casino games. However, before they were brought to the computer and mobile device screens of players all over the world, they existed in traditional casinos for quite some time already. Their bright colors, spinning reels, varied symbols and exciting soundtracks are one of the first things that springs to mind whenever one thinks of casinos in general. They have become an integral part of casino culture, both on and offline. But where exactly do they come from? How did they come about and who was the original inventor of these iconic casino hall staples?

The Beginning

In 1887, there was a need for games of poker to become automated. Of course, this needed to be done as simply as possible in order to streamline the process. Charles Fey, the original inventor of slots games, invented a gambling machine that ran off mechanics. This machine consisted of three separate spinning reels and five different symbols. These symbols included diamonds, horseshoes, hearts, spades and the Liberty Bell. The latter symbol is where this very first pokie machine got its name from. While Liberty Bell was dropped soon after as a name for these machines, it certainly set the pace for what was to come several centuries later.

The Next Phase

The Liberty Bell quickly spurned several more of its kind and continued to grow in popularity. However, it wasn’t until 1963 that the machines stopped rewarding players in fruit flavored gum and started paying out in coins instead. When this happened, the mechanical components of the pokie were replaced with electrical ones. This, in turn, led to slots games being able to offer players higher payouts and jackpots. While the games became more rewarding, features such as flashing lights and brighter colors were added as well, and as a result, pokies were becoming even more popular at this point.

Casino Slot Machine

Technological Advancement

The first video slots games were introduced to players in 1979, after microchip technology had taken the world by storm. Many players at the time did not trust these machines at all, as many believed that they were too far advanced for their liking. While the online casino slots reels did not go down well initially, a slots manufacturer at the time bought the patent. With the use of good marketing angles, they managed to gain a considerably large following before further developing more slots of this kind.

Once the internet came about, an era of online slots games was brought out in the 1990s, most of which were very similar to what we know today. Of course, technology has further developed since then and several different varieties of slots games have been developed like found at $5 Deposit Online Casino. This particular sector of the online casino industry continues to grow with much gusto, as different variations and updates of games happen on a regular basis. Online casinos are particularly competitive with one another, so it comes as no surprise that each new game comes with extra features as developers consistently try to out-do each other.