Chain Mail is a fun and vibrant online video slot powered by Microgaming. The game itself has a bit of a strange medieval theme that is combined with a fast-food and postal theme. The title is a bit of a play on words in reference to the protective clothing worn by medieval knights. The backdrop to the slot is a brick castle with the colourful reel symbols taking up most of the space on the screen. The cartoon like graphics and vibrant soundtrack give the game a humorous feel and a sense of silliness. The overall effect is a game that does not take itself seriously and is a simply and fun slot for all players.

A Fun Medieval Themed 5 Reel Slot

The game of slots in Chain Mail, is based on the classic setup of 5 spinning reels with 20 paylines. The game also includes a number of bonus features in the form of a wild symbol, scatter symbols and a bonus game. The reel symbols are a strange mix of medieval royalty, fast-food and postal deliveries. The highest paying symbols of the game include the glamourous queen, the blond-haired king, the bejewelled horse and the smiling letter box. The lower paying symbols are all types of fast-food including a pizza, a bucket of fried chicken, a hotdog, an ice-cream and a candy bar.

Wild Symbol with Multipliers

The wild symbol in Chain Mail is the game logo. The wild symbol can be used to substitute for other reel symbols to complete a winning combination on the reels. When the wild symbol is used in a winning combination, the resultant win is automatically doubled.  The wild symbol is also the highest paying symbol in the game. If players manage to land all five wild symbols across the reels, this will trigger the slot jackpot of an impressive 6000 coins.

Multiplying Scatter Symbols

The scatter symbol in Chain Mail is the postbag. The scatter symbol pays out in any positon on the reels and scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet stake. Three scatters on the reels pay out 2x the total bet. 4 scatters on the reels pays out a little more with 20x your total bet and finally all 5 scatters pays out the maximum of 100x your total bet. This makes the scatters lucrative in their own right.

The Castle Bonus Game

The bonus symbol in Chain Mail is the drawbridge symbol with the letter “B” inscribed on the front. The bonus symbol is the key to triggering the castle bonus game esp with Australian pokies. To activate the bonus game, players must land the bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously. Once triggered, players will be taken to a second screen where they will be shown a selection of doors. Players must then open each door to reveal a type of prize. There are three images that hide behind the doors. The first is a number revealing a cash prize, the second is Princess Roxy who awards all the prizes in that row and the third is Uncle Mordread who ends the game as soon as the door opens.