Royal Frog is an online slot game, based around the classic princess and the frog fairy tale. The game has exceptionally good graphics, an outstanding soundtrack, as well as having a unique and interesting play system, all of which come together to create a slot game that is well worth a look. In terms of game play a five reel, forty pay line system is used, allowing the player to select which lines they would like to bet on.

An additional special feature involves letting the player pay extra to add wilds to the reels, done in the form of turning frogs into princes. Royal Frog is available now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. Note that the interface of the game has been specifically designs to be user friendly with touch screens, meaning that on both desktop and portable device a smooth game play experience is possible.

Visual Design and Symbols

Having taken its inspiration from a fairy tale, the Royal Frog has used a decidedly cartoon-like art style, with all characters and images looking as if they have been plucked directly from a Disney feature. The red headed princess and her three princes are all strikingly high quality in visual design, and animate beautifully when matched. Each prince is, of course, a frog before he is a prince, and even the frogs are done with such attention to detail the player will not be able to help but love them.

In terms of value the princess is the most valuable, but not that she also doubles as a wild. The three frogs are worth slightly less, followed by the various water lilies, and the standard ten, jack, queen, king and ace. Keep in mind that once a frog has been turned into a prince that the frog symbol will obviously be absent from the game, removing the chance to make winning sequence with that symbol.

Unique Bonus Features

The big game play feature in the Royal Frog slot game is the freedom for the player to add wilds to the reels. This can be done via the interface on the right of the screen, with one, two or three wilds able to be added to the reels. Note, however, that this is an expensive endeavour, and although the effects used are charming and delightful to behold, the price involved must always be taken into consideration.

Each wild added is also a stacked wild, occupying three spaces on the reels. All three wilds are, therefore, a total of nine wilds on the reels. This will greatly increase the chances of winning matches being made, but the value of the matches will rarely equal the cost of the wilds. A bonus scatter symbol is also present in the game, represented by a golden water lily. If matching three times anywhere on the reels, the water lily will grant multiple free spins. During the free spins a golden crown wild card is added to the reel, which will multiply any win by two times. It is not possible to add wilds during a free spin sequence, and any wilds active will automatically be turned off.