The Magic Touch slot machine game is a traditional casino slot game created by Lightning Box Studios and designed with a pleasant theme. It uses the standard five reel, twenty five line play system, and abides by the expected classic slot machine rules. Featuring a theme based around a magician and his assistant, there are few bells and whistles to found here, allowing for a grounded slot machine experience that is as close to casino game roots as possible. The game is available on mobile phone, tablet, laptop and computer.

Magic Touch – Game Rules

The Magic Touch slot machine game follows all the traditional rules of a classic slot machine. In order to start playing a starting bet must be decided upon. This can be done by accessing the menu, then adjusting the bet via the up and down arrows. The amount of winning lines bet on may also be adjusted in this same menu screen. Remember; the more play lines bet on the higher the chance of winning, but the larger the bet required.

Once play lines and the betting amount have been settled, the reels may be spun via the button on the right of the screen. Upon the reels coming to a stop, a set of symbols will be visible in the play area. It is from these symbols that matching sequences must be created, from left to right. The winning sequences, if any, will be indicated via a solid line, and applicable payouts will be made to the current account. The player may now adjust bet and play lines again, if desired, and more spins may be made. The game may be ended at any time between spins simply by closing the game and exiting.

Magic Touch Play Symbols

The Magic Touch slot machine game has symbols designed to reflect the magician theme. The standard picture symbols, of which there are five, include a white dove, a treasure chest, a set of playing cards, a rabbit, and pair of gloved hands. These are used alongside playing card symbols, including ten, jack, queen, king, and ace. The standard symbol with the highest value is the gloved hands, which are worth a good deal of money if matched with themselves five times. The playing card symbols, with ten being the lowest, offer little in the way of payouts, but are essential for getting as many matching sequences as possible.

Magic Symbols and Bonuses

The Magic Touch Slot machine game has few bonus symbols, preferring simplicity over confusing bonus systems. The first is the magician symbol, easily identifiable by the moustached magician. This symbol is a wild symbol, or joker card, and may match with any other symbol, except the free spins symbol. Hence, the magician symbol may match with two rabbit symbols, which will payout for three rabbit symbols. There is also a free spins symbol, which will grant the player a number of free spins when matched, depending on how many symbols are in the match. All free spins play out automatically, and are the best way to get major payouts in this game.