The Pontoon Pro Series is an online casino game series created by casino software developer Net Entertainment. The series offers three versions of pontoon, namely Pontoon Pro High Limit, Pontoon Pro Low Limit and the standard variation of Pontoon Pro, all of which are available for play at NetEnt casinos. Net Entertainment’s Pontoon Pro Series is a part of the developer’s Professional Series, a collection of online casino table games that includes pontoon, blackjack, French and European roulette, punto banco, Oasis poker, Texas Hold’em poker and Caribbean Stud poker.

Like the Pontoon Pro series, each of NetEnt’s Professional Series games is available in high limit, low limit and standard limit versions, allowing players to choose how much they wish to wager based on their level of experience, budget requirements and online gambling needs.

The Basic Rules of Pontoon Pro

The game of pontoon can be described as the British equivalent of the prolific casino game of blackjack. These games are similar in structure and rules, with a few differences separating them and making pontoon unique in itself.

The main differences between the two games come in firstly in the terminology used during play, with the usual blackjack terms of ‘stand’ and ‘hit’ becoming ‘stick’ and ‘twist’ in Pontoon Pro, respectively. To ‘double’ in blackjack also becomes to ‘buy’ in Pontoon Pro – however, all of these functions remain the same in both games, with only the names altered.

Differences Between Blackjack and Pontoon Pro

Certain rules in online blackjack Australia and Pontoon Pro also differ from each other. For example, players of Pontoon Pro cannot stand on any two of their cards as they can in blackjack, because the rules of pontoon state that any player with a hand of 14 points or less must twist. Pontoon Pro permits players to split a pair of Aces twice during the game, and players must hold a hand of 15 points or more in order to stick. The dealer in Pontoon Pro is required to twist when holding 16 points or a soft 17.

Playing Free Pontoon Pro Games

As well as Pontoon Pro High Limit, Pontoon Pro Low Limit and Pontoon Pro, players will also be able to play free versions of these games at most NetEnt casinos. Playing Pontoon Pro for free will allow players to learn more about the rules of pontoon and become familiar with the game’s terminology and strategies before moving on to play any of the Pontoon Pro Series games for real money online.

Pontoon Pro Series Bet Limits

Pontoon Pro Low Limit offers players the lowest range of bet limits out of the three games, allowing players to wager between 0.10 and 5.00 per game. These lower limits make Pontoon Pro Low Limit suitable for beginners and players who wish to become familiar with Pontoon Pro in a relatively low-risk environment, and also for players with any budget requirements. The standard limit version of Pontoon pro offers higher limits, ranging from 1.00 to 40.00 per game, and Pontoon Pro High Limit offers bet limits of between 25.00 and 500.00, offering limits to suit high rollers and players who prefer higher-risk games.