There are few other industries in the world that have adapted to change the way the casino industry has. In fact, online casinos are usually the first to create products for a new piece of technology, and it is this adaptation that has garnered the industry such a huge amount of success.

Online casinos have been around since the early 1990s, and have grown with each passing year, but once the modern smart phone became a household item, the industry truly boomed. For the first time ever, players were now able to play their favourite games from just about anywhere in the world; and not badly adapted games, but some of the very latest available.

While mobile casinos may seem fairly new to the world, they have been around for over a decade, and their evolution is just as interesting and faceted as the online casino industry that preceded it.

The First Mobile Casinos

The behemoth developer Playtech was one of the first companies to start creating casino games for mobile phones, as early as 2005. The mobile phones during this period would be considered quite primitive in comparison to modern devices, but they were still capable to supporting online gaming. Playtech created their own platform for popular devices such as Nokia phones, and many other companies quickly started following suit.

Microgaming entered the mobile market soon after in the same year, and their competition with Playtech meant that mobile phones were getting some of the latest games as quickly as possible. Many of these games were not the black and white, simple applications that many would expect, but rather high end games that fully supported colour and multiple functions. It allowed players to truly experience mobile casino games for the first time at best NZ online casinos with no deposit.

It turned out to be a smart move for the companies that moved in quickly, as mobile casinos quickly became extremely popular, and before long, millions were indulging in the latest and best games that the industry could offer.

Modern Mobile Casinos

In 2007, Apple released the iPhone, which many consider the first smart phone. These devices offered high definition touch screens, powerful processors, and high-speed internet connections. This is also when the mobile casino industry truly took off, as companies were now able to develop casino platforms that rivalled the ones found on computers right here.

Today, there are now multiple devices that support mobile casinos, including smart phones, tablets, and even smart watches. These devices also continue to advance with every passing year, giving casinos the chance to create even better apps and games with the best graphics and enjoyable gameplay.

Mobile Casinos in The Future

No one can truly say what lies in the future for mobile devices and the casinos they support, but as technologies such as virtual reality and 3D continue to improve, so too will the variety and quality of games and casino platforms that can make use of these new and exciting technologies. It is now simply a matter of waiting to see what will come out in the coming years.