The world of online casinos is a relatively recent business sector, in operation only since the middle 1990s, but in this short period of time it has proven to be an extraordinarily popular one, with an annual turnover of billions of dollars already being reached in this short period of time. Initially there were a number of smaller operators, but today there are thousands of casinos fighting one another for players’ loyalty. The problem of recruiting new players and ensuring that he or she would choose a particular virtual venue over another is where the idea of the online casino bonus was born.

Brick-and-mortar casinos are able to provide their best clients with freebies in the forms of meals; drinks and complimentary stays in opulent hotel rooms –in the world of virtual reality these things are a little bit more difficult to provide. The online casino bonus is the best way these operators have found to convince players to give their games a chance, and although these are most famously provided for new sign-ups, on going promotions and special offers are able to reward players who have already signed up as well.

Online Casino Bonuses Ensure Players’ Return

The biggest reason virtual casinos provide players with an online casino bonus is a simple one: if players are rewarded with what is essentially free money in exchange for registering at the casino they will be far more inclined to try out games that they are unfamiliar with. If the sums awarded are generous enough players will be able to play the new game type or title until he or she was so enamoured of it that when the online casino bonus finished they would deposit some of their own money in order to continue enjoying it.

Initially the casinos based on the World Wide Web were offering larger and larger bonuses to their prospective players, but the practice has since standardised. In the first place, players now expect a bonus to be awarded in exchange for their registrations, and secondly, unscrupulous players trying to take the casinos for a ride were abusing bonuses.

The Attached Terms and Conditions

When these bonuses were first being awarded, the online gambling industry saw a huge influx of gamblers signing up to casinos by means of multiple accounts, going on to claim the bonuses provided, and then cashing these out immediately, without playing the games offered in exchange for these. Because no system was in place to deal with this kind of abuse, a lot of money flowed down the drain as a result.

The industry, however, eventually did formulate a response to keep this kind of practice at bay, and bonuses at online or Canadian mobile casinos are no longer as over-the-top as they once were, with players being required to adhere to the terms and conditions these bonuses are now provided alongside before they can make use of the money. These govern how the bonus cash is processed, and have resulted in players being able to take advantage of great free money offers without pushing the casino offering them to the point of bankruptcy.