The Emerald Cup event is commonly held to be Africa’s richest horse race on sand, and was held on the 27th of September 2015. The Emerald Resort and Casino sponsors the event, and ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy, as it is a popular day out for entire families, not being an event limited to bettors and race goers alone. The groom’s race marks the last racing event of the day, and is highly anticipated by those who have had the fun of viewing it previously.

The Emerald Cup’s Groom’s Race

When the day’s final horse race finishes up, the Emerald Cup’s groom’s race will be the last event. This race is run over a track distance of 1600 metres, and is open to all registered grooms in the Gauteng area, although only the first 40 registrations received may take part. The R15 000 prize money for the first five places is sponsored by the Emerald Resort and Casino.

The Emerald Resort and Casino’s groom race is an effort to acknowledge the hard work and training undergone by grooms in preparation for the Emerald Cup, with prizes of R3 000, R2 500 and R1 500 awarded to the first three grooms crossing the finishing line respectively, as well as consolation prizes handed out to each and every groom who has the temerity to participate in the race at all.

The groom’s race is one of the most highly anticipated traditional features of the Emerald Cup, and sees the grooms gathering at the 1600 metre mark of the sand track in order to race without their horses’ help. Not only are patrons able to watch some of the most skilled jockeys in the world compete on truly incredible animals, fit grooms racing the track on their own and numerous entertainment and culinary options, but they can do so with their whole family in tow at the Emerald Resort and Casino as well, all in perfect safety.

Family Entertainment at the Emerald Cup

The Emerald Cup is not only popular with race goers and bettors, but with their families as well, as there is a wide array of entertainment lined up by the Emerald Resort and Casino to ensure that fun is had by all. Family picnic areas are provided, situated right alongside the racetrack and an entertainment stage where popular South African musicians perform for the crowd is situated near this area.

Emerald Resort and Casino provides child-friendly entertainment in the form of a range of activities for the younger crowd, ensuring their fun and safety while the older members enjoy the excitement of the horse races of the Emerald Cup. Children’s activities have in the past including parachute rides, a carousel and a Ferris wheel.

Tickets range in price, and VIP packages include full access to an air-conditioned marquee, a three-course luncheon, the opportunity to view the race itself in live HD broadcast by means of a big-screen television, access to four totes for the races and a cash bar as well as access to online betting sites.